Aug 8 2012
Ten Uncommon Social Networks You Should Know About

The number of social networks out there is unbelievable when you think that all people tend to talk about today is Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Broaden your horizons and find those networks that will connect your with people who share your interests and more.

The internet’s social network scene is pretty much dominated by what are the expected suspects: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and of late, Pininterest. These platforms have been phenomenally different from what was available in the past and it goes without saying that they have changed the social network scene in bounds. There is more than meets the eye mind and they are not the only ones; the most popular, yes, but there are others around that are not as widely known of. This article provides a list of ten social networks you probably heard or never heard of, yet you would be amazed to know about them.

43 Things is a social network which allows you to come on board, create, set and monitor your life goals. On the basis of your goals, you get connected with people with similar goals and you are linked to real connections; just like that. This is something very few of the mainstream networks offer.

Care2 is asocial network which connects activists around the globe. This is rather different, but fantastic for activists wanting to connect with like-minded people.

Experience Project is an amazing social network which, on the basis of your life experiences, you get connections. Mostly, users to this network get to share personal stories, confessions, groups, photos and videos tell their story; and get connected to people who’ve experienced the same thing.

FledgeWing is targeted at university students with an entrepreneurial spirit. Powering at least 170 universities globally, this network connects students with mentors, peers, companies and case studies to succeed after they leave college and begin their journeys as entrepreneurs. is a great business to business social network. On this network, users get to learn and get resources on IT, Sales, marketing and so forth,-to help make their businesses better.

Flixster is for the film lovers out there. Yes, you might have heard about this one recently as its popularity grows. On this network, you get to meet new people with whom you share a taste for similar movies, reviews and can definitely get a few recommendations.

Finding these networks’ is easy and, with a good broadband provider, you can get the best of every world. Try out and to get the very best. Anyway, one with the top 10…

The Goodwizz network finds you connections on the basis of personality tests they carry out with their tools. It’s rather interesting in the sense that there are algorithms for match-making, discovery, personality traits and so forth.

Hub culture connects those whose niche is a worthy creation. This network has been showcased in the mainstream medial like the CNN and BBC; it’s a social network where you would probably learn a lot at the same time. is one that specially designed with hackers and software freedom activists. If you are one of those people who think software should be free and made available to the masses for free without monopolizing then a crowd that shares your sentiments hang out here. Feel free to join and be a part of the hackers’ conversation.

LibraryThing is the final social network you need to be aware of. It’s for those people who want to be connected to other readers as the name suggests. It is fantastic if you are an avid reader, author, library or publisher.

These are surprisingly some of oldest social networks on the web and have been there way before the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Their uniqueness has been borrowed, built on and commercialized by the main social networks of today. The crowd in these networks still hangs out there and it would be great to see how this crowd could have its social effect on you if you join. Take a step outside of the box and meet those who live there as well. You can find connections that you would never find on the mainstream networks.

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