Aug 8 2012
Joan Rivers at Costco Burbank Protesting Book Sale

Joan Rivers at Costco Burbank Protesting Book Sale

Yesterday around 2pm Joan Rivers entered the property of Costco in Burbank.

See the handcuff on her wrist connected to the shopping cart.


After about 10-15 minutes of protesting and selling her book in front of the store, and the police had arrived, Joan and her entourage proceeded to enter the store, and after a few photos with customers, Joan proceeded to handcuff herself to a customer shopping cart.

I have pictures and some video that was taken at the scene.


After about 30 minutes of crowds gathering, Joan Rivers left the Costco Burbank property without incident and the crowds dispersed.

Joan Rivers stated that she will continue to shop at Costco, even though they are not carrying her book.

You could have purchased her book for $10 and she would have posed for a photo and signed the book. It appears that they sold several boxes of books in the time the organizers stood outside.

People in the food court at Costco appeared confused about what was going on.

I would venture to guess if anyone else had come to protest about something at Costco, they would have been asked to leave the property immediately. Because it was Joan Rivers, they had to use kid gloves and there where so many cameras on the scene capturing all the moves by all parties, lots of witnesses, and apparently many that love Joan Rivers style of comedy and purchased her book.

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