Aug 20 2020
Tell @FCC No Data Caps For Spectrum Charter Customers Internet Data Caps

Spectrum/Charter is hard at work crafting ways to petition the FCC to allow them to bypass the agreement that was made when Charter acquired Time Warner Cable.

Now the FCC appears to be paying attention and some consumer groups as well as some content providers are supporting the movement to block and prevent Charter from imposing data caps.

If you are a Charter/Spectrum customer take a few minutes to learn about another crafty move the company is trying to pull over on customers.

Don’t delay as Sept 2, 2020 is the current deadline for public comment.   There’s even a letter you can edit before submitting, you can always write your own as well.

Here’s a letter written by Phillip Dampier Founder and President of Stop the Cap!

3003 Elmwood AvenueRochester, New York 14618-2021(585) 484-1100e-mail:

This is the best directions for filing a complaint with the FCC.

You have until Sept 2 to file, but do it today. Let the FCC know that this sort of action by large corporations is not going to be tolerated.  See pubic notice here.

Call to Action! Tell the FCC “No” to Charter Spectrum on Data Caps!


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