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Multi-User File Sharing in The Cloud

 Do you work with a small group of users and have the need to share and update files on a shared drive. There is lots of talk about the cloud and what it offers, and there are lots of services available from both small and…

LogMeIn…..Wherever I Am!

 When the first companies started advertising remote access technology for your PC it was a state of the art, awe inspiring breakthrough. Nowadays, it has become part of our everyday lives and almost something that we all take forgranted. Not only can we connect to…

SkyDrive Cloud Storage 7GB Free or 25GB Upgrade Free

 Microsoft is offering 7GB of their SkyDrive Cloud Storage (2GB File Size Limit) for Free for new users. Thanks ahbskauh & number13 Note, existing users may upgrade to 25GB of storage for Free when you login and click here Get the SkyDrive app for your…