Jan 10 2013
Multi-User File Sharing in The Cloud

Do you work with a small group of users and have the need to share and update files on a shared drive.
There is lots of talk about the cloud and what it offers, and there are lots of services available from both small and large companies. We read about Skydrive, Livedrive and other drives.

But what really works for a small group of users that what to be able to post files to a location that can be accessed by other users with the login credentials that allows them to either update the files or not, maybe only view the files.

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What is Egnyte? Egnyte Cloud File Server addresses the critical infrastructure needs of small and medium size businesses – file storage, backup, sharing and collaboration – in one secure, centrally-managed and easy-to-use solution. In combination with its Local Cloud technology, Egnyte enables fast local edit capabilities and offline access to your files. Features: – Access files from anywhere, with any device – Easy file sharing between offices and business partners – Safely backup files in the cloud – One FTP site for all your partners – custom branding – Automatic online/offline file sync Capitalize on the Cloud Revolution Over 1 Billion files are shared by businesses using Egnyte Cloud File Server.

Egnyte’s unique hybrid cloud technology provides the speed and security of local storage with the simple accessibility of the cloud. Users can easily store, share, access and backup files, while IT has the centralized administration and control to enforce business policies.

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What is Huddle?

Huddle is a cloud collaboration & content management tool. Huddle allows you to work better together and collaborate intelligently. No matter what you need to share or manage Huddle enables you to work more efficiently as an individual or with groups of people.

With Huddle you can instantly have a secure place to work online. You can store files, presentations, work videos, sync your calendar, import contacts, host meetings and so much more!

Invite people into your workspace and share what you have been working so hard on. Collaborate Intelligently.

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