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The Easiest Way to Move to a New PC! Limited Time Offer: Save 30% on PCmover

  For over 30 years, Laplink Software has been a global leader in PC connectivity. Our commitment to our client’s needs has been the driving force behind all our product development and has earned the loyalty and trust of more than 15 million customers worldwide…

PC Migration Tool Laplink – PCmover Professional @laplink

  Moving data from one computer to another is a very tedious job and can take days. Even after painstaking effort, we tend to miss some of our data and end up regretting it later. To put an end to this hassle Laplink’s PCmover Professional comes in…

Windows XP Migration Tool Laplink PCmover

 Just 9 days ago, Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP. This means that anyone using Windows XP no longer gets hot-fixes, technical support, or security updates, leaving XP users with no choice but to upgrade to a new operating system or move to a…