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Google Blogger Removes/Disables Blog @blogger

  Why is my blog disabled? This information is taken from various pages on the Google site to assist users wondering what they may have done to have their blog removed from Google Blogger. Basically in most cases your blog may have been identified by…

McColo – Spam company – Malicious Activity

 McColo gets shutdown! Will spam be down significantly? We certainly hope so. If they can’t get network access pretty hard to send out spam.  Kudos to the Global Crossing and Hurricane Electric for shutting them down. Read the story here: https://blogs.computerworld.com/mccolo_is_mcshut_mcdown

McColo, Apple Search Engine, Spam,

 YouTube laucnhes auction ad service.  Hey if MySpace and Facebook are doing it why not YouTube! TechCrunch reports that Apple is working on a search engine.  Makes total sense to me! Why not.  And part of that will be an ad platform. Looking TagLocity after…