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10.69% Returns Investing With Prosper.com @ProsperLoans

 We all are looking for ways to get ahead and especially in this economy we could all use a boost of some sort.  Well if you happen to have some funds that you are looking to invest, or are looking for funding for a project,…

The New Lending Club

 Just received this from Lending Club, one of the top peer to peer lending sites. Congrats to the folks at Lending Club for their success. I am a member of Lending Club and find it very easy to use and you can expect returns of…

Prosper.com Back online

 Dear Victor, Prosper is back with even more ways for you to earn a great return. To activate your portfolio plans and to start investing right now, sign in and review our new Lender Registration Agreement. Introducing New Ways to Invest on Prosper While speaking…