Apr 28 2009
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Dear Victor,

Prosper is back with even more ways for you to earn a great return.

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Introducing New Ways to Invest on Prosper
While speaking about Prosper, Preston DuFauchard, the Commissioner of the California Department of Corporations, said recently, “New ideas and approaches are needed to increase access to consumer and small business credit, especially in today’s environment.”

We couldn’t agree more.

At Prosper, our aim is to provide you with more than just investments. We feel it’s time to take back the system and provide the financial stewardship our country needs – one based on Americans helping Americans. To help bring this about, we’ve worked hard for the past six months to offer you new ways to invest and grow.

Invest on Our Open Market

In response to our nation’s credit crisis, you will now be able to invest in loans made by other financial institutions through our new Open Market initiative. Open Market listings describe existing loans made or owned by lending companies offered for sale on Prosper (such as a car loan).

And because Prosper can offer you a one-to-one relationship between the investment and the underlying asset, these loans are inherently transparent and less complex than traditional debt securitization and other traditional bank lending methods.*

Sound good? There’s more.

Improved Risk Rating System

We’ve been working diligently at revamping our risk rating system, too. Our new robust system allows us to maintain consistency when rating listings—regardless of the loan seller, type of credit score used or type of loan being offered for sale.

We do this in part by combining our proprietary Prosper score with one pulled from Experian’s Scorex Plus. This allows you to better analyze a listing’s level of risk since the final rating represents an estimated average annualized loss rate range—making it easier for you to decide which listings may be your best investments. While we cannot guarantee performance, now you’ll have even more financial information on potential borrowers, along with the assurance that the new Prosper minimum credit score is 640 for individual marketplace listings. At Prosper, we constantly strive to provide you with all of the financial assurance and tools you need to make it easier to invest through us.

Coming Soon…Trade Existing Loans

In other exciting news, you will soon have the option to be able to buy, sell and trade Notes on our new Trading Platform. Please be aware that trade investing through Prosper is not available at this time, as it is subject to regulatory approval.

At Prosper, we’re excited to welcome you back with these new ways to invest—all built upon the financial transparency, vigilance and openness you deserve.


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