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Goldstar Comp Tickets Free Event Tickets #free @goldstar

 The Comp Train is rolling into the station, so hop aboard! Goldstar’s Comp Train promotion is happening this Wednesday, August 28th. Comp Train is a one day only promotion for complimentary tickets to events across the country, including live theatre, dance, comedy, opera and more….

Get Out More with Goldstar @goldstar

 What could be better than getting out with friends, enjoying half priced tickets to sports games, concerts, movies, and so much more? That’s where Goldstar comes in. With Goldstar, enjoy major discount just for filling seats! Goldstar is a growing community of those who enjoy…

Goldstar: Thousands of Comp Tickets!

 Goldstar is rolling out the “Comp Train”! Goldstar Comp Tickets Special one-day only promotion featuring tons of comp tickets, for which members only have to pay service fees! It’s the perfect way to get out and try something new at a really low price. We…