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Building Your Personal Brand Online 10 Steps

 I am approached on a regular basis about the best ways to build your online presence. Of course there are many who would rather not be found online and that is another topic for another day. The best way to start with your online reputation…

Escrow.com For Services Selling and Buying Domains

 Escrow.com For Services Selling and Buying Domains A friend wanted to share their experience with Escrow.com when selling their GoDaddy domain using Escrow.com services. “I just wanted to share my excellent experience doing business with Escrow.com . The whole process of selling a Domain through…

Register a Domain and No Page? Why?

 Why would someone register a domain and not at least put up a simple landing page or even redirect it to a free page? I’ve run into a variety of domains recently that work for email addresses but when I check the domain there is…