Oct 29 2012
Super Storm Hurricane Sandy Update

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the people being impacted by Sandy.
Check out the Google Crisis Map:

NY City preparing for the worse.
Virtually no cars in the city
No buses
The Big Apple is shut down.
Last night around 7pm, Grand Central Station was shut down.
Up to 90 mph, storm surge of what was seen with Irene.
Sandbags along doors in Manhattan,
CT and NJ is already seeing power outages.

Water running out, plywood also running out.
7000 flights cancelled
5 states declared state of emergency ahead of storm
Stock market closed
Amtrak trains
metro and subways are shutdown in many areas
Landfall tonight
Waves are coming in stronger and stronger
Largest threat to human life that many have ever seen.
Asbury Park, NJ, very windy
Winds expected at 85mph and higher in some area

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