Jun 28 2009
State of Our Food: Monsanto – Food Inc

Just got back from seeing the documentary Food, Inc.

Great film about the state of food system and how it is controlled by large multinational organizations like Monsanto and lbp
Smithfield Packing Company
How Monsanto has been allowed to take control of soy seeds and prosecute any farmer that wants to grow their own and not use the Monsanto GMO seeds. Very frieghtening if you consider that a company like Monsanto can take control of the nations and worlds food production.

Several farmers have been sued by Monsanto for growing soy beans.

More on this subject and the Food Inc movie.

Highly recommend that everyone should see this movie.

One area that the movie touched on was that we have been insulated from the source of our food, basically that we don’t really see where it comes from.
Many of us are too busy and it is easy to just buy a burger from a fast food place that is cheap and convenient.

Obama needs to pay attention to this area more as it is a serious threat to our nations food supply.

In particular the process by which we raise cattle and they are fed corn, which is not natural like the grass fed cattle.
Ecoli bacteria and infection and life threatening disease arise from animals being raised horrible conditions with feces knee high.

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