Nov 5 2019
Spectrum Charter Billing Practices @ask_spectrum #bait&switch

Being a long time Charter Spectrum customer I have experienced all the bait and switch tactics used by these companies all in an effort to raise their revenue per subscriber. There is much debate as to the harm long term they are doing to the “relationship” many believe they have with their customers. One thing for sure, is that Spectrum is one of the worse companies at “bill creep”, they tout no “monthly contract” but that means basically they can raise their rates as the please, although they claim to lock rates, but according to an online chat yesterday their “policy” is that there is real “lock” , which is really deceptive.

The customer service representatives must really take a lashing from irate customers with the way Spectrum handles business, why doesn’t Spectrum honor current promotions for existing customers? It is all about the margin and bottom line. These companies don’t care about long term. It is really unfortunate but you see it time and time again. My bill went from $49.99 to $79.99 within 6 months, that is for basic internet and phone. There are customers who are paying double to triple that when you factor in video service.

Spectrum has a customer retention department, which is basically the cancellation department, the chat function online is not very effective.

I was able to chat with a representative who basically knocked $10 off my monthly bill, but get this. Since you pay in advance with Spectrum, if you adjust services, they do not prorate your service adjustment! That is their policy. Really! So if you pay for a full tank of gas at the gas station and only fill up half way, you don’t get your money back with Spectrum, imagine how many gas stations would disappear if they did that to customers.

Spectrum has a lot to learn, spending millions on advertising and churning customers, is a long term disaster waiting to happen. AT&T and even SpaceX with their internet offerings will gradually eat away at Spectrum and with 5G looming, internet will be ubiquitous, and inexpensive, under $50 for 1GB will be standard, this will blow Spectrum out of the water. AT&T is lagging with their fiber services, otherwise Spectrum feels like they have no competition, and that becomes a FCC and government oversight issue. Surely Spectrum is paying millions in lobby PAC donations to protect their interests. But Apple, Amazon, Google can all swing the access game very quickly, just look at what has happened with digital content. Although many traditional media companies are still in business, you now have Netflix, Amazon, Apple, etc all producing content and garnering a respectable market share of subscribers of content, Spectrum is not even a player when it comes to content and they are getting slaughtered with carrier fees and royalties.

Spectrum can turn the tide, but it starts with treating customers with care. And so far that’s not happening. The number of lawsuits will continue to plague Spectrum including class-actions.


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