Nov 29 2012
Shopping Comparison Websites, Bing vs Google Paid Placements

Shopping Comparison Websites
Bing vs Google Paid Placements

Google Shopping results are paid placements. But some are reporting that even Bing results are paid. Interesting that Bing would launch a campaign without checking to see what they are doing as well, perhaps this is changing and the campaign launched before the adjustments had been made.
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Bing does have a disclaimer on search results for instance on a search for digital cameras, note that “Payment is NOT a factor used to rank search results in Bing.”, which implies that paid search results are included, but the results are not re-sorted based on it being a paid placement, unless you are looking at the ads on the top of the page.

There are other options if you are looking for a balanced check on price comparison:

For those interested Google in the shopping results shows this message on the right:

Products and offers that match your query. Google is compensated by these merchants. Payment is one of several factors used to rank these results.


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