Sep 29 2011
Service People In Foreclosure?

Does it bother anyone else besides me that our men and women of the service can lose their homes to foreclosure WHILE they are away serving our country? Is that insane?  People who are dying for our country can come home and have NO home.

We have become supporters of USA CARES and are trying to help these service men and women. This weekend we are having a small, intimate two-day training in Philly.  All admission fees to the TWO-DAY “Hands On” Short Sale Workshop will be donated to USA CARES. You can attend the workshop for a small donation to USA CARES. Bring a check made payable to USA Cares in the amount of $25 or more and claim your seat –

This class will be unlike anything you have ever attended: We are bringing actual short sale files that we are working on and will be working these open files in class.  Each person will be assigned a file and taught how to work that file in a step-by-step order so that they can close deals for the highest profits possible.

Register today – – this class is for 40 VERY lucky investors who want to get their hands dirty and dig into actual live, active files and truly see what this crazy-fun business is all about.

See you in Philly!

Be a Blessing,

Dwan Bent-Twyford

PS – Even if you can’t make the class, share this link – – with your friends.  If we all gave just $25 and each of your friends gave just $25, you would not believe what this would do for USA CARES!

Remember, these men and women are the very reason you have the freedom to read this email.

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