Nov 23 2014
Rosetta Translation Shanghai China – For Your International Translation Needs @RosettaT

Rosetta Translation

Rosetta Translation Shanghai China

Headquartered in London and serving corporate clients in any of its five offices around the globe, Rosetta translation is a new, more personalized translation service. No longer will your company be shunted around from person to person and have dates extended, delaying your work. With Rosetta Translation services, you are guaranteed to have a single person, familiar with your specific needs, who will be with you from beginning to end.

Rosetta Translation also has a specific formula to solve the issue that most companies run into when choosing a translation service, namely, that most professionals only specialize in translating general business documents and run into trouble with more specialized assignments. Rosetta Translation solves this problem by first analyzing the specific document’s requirements before choosing the translators that have expertise in that genre of writing, such as finance, accounting or law. When submitting your project, Rosetta Translation will be able to provide you a quote that is tailored specifically to your project, and is based on both the quantity and the complexity of the work you are submitting.

Rosetta Translation Shanghai is the top in project management for both large and multi-lingual translations, as well as offering you a number of resources besides translation, including both electronic publishing and digital and paper printing.

Rosetta Translation Shanghai is able to offer you high quality work in a definite timeframe, as well as offering you competitive pricing, giving you the best value for your money, as well as sending you top-quality work. You can feel comfortable in choosing Rosetta Translation for all of your translation needs, knowing that they are sending you the best work from the most-informed sources for the best prices. Rosetta Translation services are the solution for any of your business translation needs. After one experience, you will be raving about them to anyone that will listen.

A quote is free, and you can learn more about the offerings.

You can contact Rosetta Translation Shanghai at:
Unit 501, Building No. 2 175 Xiangyang Road Shanghai, China
+86 21 64 67 69 17

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