Oct 28 2016
Revenue for Pasadena Police Tickets Citations

One thing that irritates me more with drivers on the road is when they are talking on their phone, it is illegal and I rarely see anyone getting pulled over for talking on the phone while driving. It would be interesting to see how many citations are issued for driving while talking on  the phone, as a matter of fact, I see at least a handful of people on my daily commute talking on the phone with the handset to their ear.

Which is the most fragrant violation of the use of phone while driving violation.

Another issue I see on my daily commute is drivers smoking cigarettes and tossing the ashes and whole lit cigarettes out the window. Not only is this polluting but affecting the air we breath and potentially a fire hazard with lit cigarettes.

Also there are people who drive around and toss trash out their window. Just yesterday I saw someone on the freeway throw out a soft drink cup. Not sure what make people thing the roads are a trash dump. But it is disturbing.


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