Oct 28 2016
Microsoft Offers Credit for Your MacBook Apple Products Is it Fair

Microsoft is upping the competition now that it appears to have gained some momentum with the Surface line of products. Could this save Microsoft in the computer hardware business, perhaps.

To heat things up for the holiday season Microsoft is now offering credit up to $650 for your Apple products. But, are the credits fair? Can you sell your Apple product for more than what Microsoft is offering? Most likely yes.  For instance a late model MacBook will fetch you $75. These are selling on ebay for upwards of $150.

So for all the marketing that is being spent with advertising, this could turn out turn some back to their Apple products, unless they are so impressed with the Surface. I have used the Surface, and while I am still undecided, Apple’s new MacBook Pro line is a step in the right direction, lighter weight, higher resolution screens, faster processor. Windows 10 as a platform appears to have many hiccups when it comes to updates, and the number of updates. We can only hope that Microsoft will learn from user experiences and smooth out the updating process. I have seen several systems upgraded to Windows 10 and then  have to do updates that take over an hour to complete, while with Apple, the Sierra update too less than an hour for the whole update.

If you want to see what your Apple is worth if you are looking at a Surface, visit the website setup for the trade up program here.


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