Apr 10 2010
Recycled wrapper bags for kids making an appearance in a walmart near you

You would never have thought that it would be popular with kids or their parents; recycled backpacks, pencil cases and folders have just been introduced to the store shelves of hundreds of walmart stores in the U.S. The company behind the idea ‘Terracycle’ has made a long journey to get to where they are now; it was only 9 years ago that they started selling worm waste plant food out of a small shop in New York. Albe Zakes, Terracycles media representative is enthusiastic about the positive interest from the public and hopes that their example will persuade other manufacturers to ‘upcycle’ waste from various products.

Terracycles merchandise is made from discarded waste paper, sweet wrappers, drinks cartons and other non degradable items. For example one of their latest products to hit the shop shelves is a back pack made of recycled Oreo packets. The high demand for their products is proof that the public now want more green products to be available in shops.

If you’re interested in any of terracycles innovative and funky new products you can either go to a walmart in your area or check out their website to learn more about their ideas and see what they have avaliable. www.terracycle.net   

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