Mar 28 2012
Punchcard Save money and Earn Rewards at the Places you love to Shop @MyPunchCard

Pasadena based, Punchcard offers a new way to help you save money and earn rewards at the places you love to shop.

Download our FREE app from your app store. Punchcard helps you get the best deals at the places you love to shop.

What is Punchcard?
Punchcard is a new mobile app that allows you to collect rewards for shopping at the places you love. Think of us as your digital rewards-card wallet, pre-loaded with 140,000 punch cards in the Southern California area. We’re already at tons of your favorite locations. Way cool.

How does it work?
Check the Punchcard app to see if the store you are shopping at has an available rewards card – don’t worry, most cafes, restaurants, salons and bars already do! After you have completed a purchase take a picture of your receipt with the Punchcard app. This is how we verify your purchase so make sure you are in the store and the purchase total on your receipt is in-frame and in-focus. Collect 10 “punches” at your favorite store and we’ll hook you up with cash money or free stuff on the spot.

What kind of rewards to I get?

Punchcard is all about cash money and free merchandise. Unlike other points-based programs out there, we put money right back in your wallet. It’s easy – just shop at your favorite stores and after 10 purchases we’ll put a check in the mail for the amount of your average order value.

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