Jan 9 2013
Protecting Citrus Fruit Trees From Freezing Temperatures in Southern California

Protecting Citrus and other Fruit Trees From Freezing Temperatures

Thanks to the folks at Food Forward for sharing these tips on keeping your fruit trees safe from the freezing temperatures about to come to the Southern California area.


Protect your trees from frost! Temperatures are going to be as low as 28 degrees on Friday night, which can freeze citrus fruits and eventually dry out the fruit. If you are unable to harvest the ripe fruits before the freeze, here are 5 ways you can help prevent frost damage:

1. Insulate the trunks of the trees by wrapping the trunks with cardboard, newspaper, palm fronds or plastic.
2. Keep the soil around the trees very moist at night. Water gives off heat and damp soil can retain heat better than dry soil.
3. Remove any mulch beneath the tree to allow the soil to radiate heat back up through the tree.
4. Build a frame or tent-like structure around the tree and cover with burlap or plastic.
5. String up lights around the tree or place a 100-watt lamp in the interior of the tree.

For more information visit: https://homeorchard.ucdavis.edu/8100.pdf

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