Dec 18 2012
Protect Your iPad with Domeo

From the moment you open your iPad case to the day you realize you can’t live without it, domeo is all about delivering maximum comfort and quality to your iPad experience.


Every material is hand-picked. Every viewing angle scrutinized and studied.

All to ensure your comfort.

Domeo have coupled their personal experience as iPad users with hours of research. But they don’t just study technology. They study how you use it. That research shows most people make use of the iPad at home relaxing.

And their iPad cases are here to enhance that experience.

Here’s a quick look at the domeo range:

Loft Folio
Works with Apple iPads (Gen 2/3/4)

Revolutionary slim iPad case with built-in multi-stand system
Covers unique desktop/theater mode by elevating iPad to eye level
Works as a desktop replacement in conjunction with wireless keyboard
Includes kickstand for additional stability and elastic strap to secure iPad case when not in use

iPad case works with all iPads

Multiple viewing angles with innovative 3-sided design
Inner pockets store your iPad and accessories safely while not in use
Covers support for both portrait and landscape mode
iPad case designed for maximum comfort and functionality
Plush exterior with soft foam core

Recliner Folio
Works with Apple iPads (Gen 2/3/4)

“Bubble protection” interior keeps iPad screen scratch-free while iPad case providing 7 viewing options
Soft yet durable exterior materials provides comfortable handling and feel
iPad case includes stylus loop holder
Auto wake/sleep magnets in iPad case save battery life and allow for quick start-up


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