Apr 15 2020
Preparing for the Stimulus Payment CARES Act ACH Deposit #covid19

You may be entitled to a one-time Stimulus Payment as part of the CARES Act. According to the Treasury Department, electronic Direct Deposit payments have already started being deposited and will continue over several weeks. For payments made by check, the Treasury Department said it will start mailing checks the week of April 20th and continue over several weeks.
How Can I Prepare?
To learn more, including who’s eligible, how payments will be received, payment amounts, and other information, you should visit the IRS directly. . The IRS is setting up a “Get My Payment”application to help you confirm your payment method (direct deposit or paper check) and check the status of your stimulus payment.

You can also click here to go right to the page to check.

What If I Want To Do Direct Deposit Into my Citi Account?
If the IRS has your Citibank account information from your 2018 or 2019 tax filing then you should receive your payment by direct deposit. Log in to Citi Online or download the Citi Mobile App to check if your stimulus payment has been deposited. The payment will appear in your recent transactions. You can also set up alerts to be notified when your stimulus payment is deposited.
If the IRS doesn’t have your Citibank account information, you can add your direct deposit information if your check hasn’t been mailed:

Find your Routing and Account Numbers on the Account Details page on Citi Online or by clicking on “View Routing Number & More” in the Citi Mobile App

You can also find the information at the bottom of your paper checks

What If I’m Getting A Paper Check?
If you receive a paper check, you must sign the back. Then you can:

Use Mobile Check Deposit in the Citi Mobile App – it’s the easiest and fastest way if you do not have direct deposit

Deposit the check at a local branch or at a Citi ATM that accepts deposits

If you need to withdraw cash, you have fee-free access to cash with your Citibank debit card at over 65,000 ATM locations nationwide, including ATMs at Target, Costco, Walgreens, CVS and Duane Reade.
Additional COVID-19 Updates
Visit citi.com/covid19 for the latest on account assistance as well as information on managing your account digitally, market insights, fraud prevention and more.

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