Apr 22 2010
Pop up Trash Can

Flings Bin has a pop up trash can.

Check it out:

They sell for about 4 cans for $16, available at most supermarkets.
Recycle Bin – Tall Kitchen Size – 13 Gallons – Extra Strong & Leak-Proof!
Makes recycling a snap! Each recycle bin holds 60 cans or bottles. Special bulk pricing:
4 for $15.99
10 for $29.99

Save Time, Reduce Mess, and Make Recycling Easier
Ugly bags and smelly trashcans are no longer invited to the party. Flings decorative trash and recycling containers are the perfect solution for all your get-togethers. Portable, attractive, convenient, and easy-to-spot, Flings make clean-up part of the fun – at every gathering, every time!

TrashCo, Inc. (d/b/a Flings Container) is a privately held company based in Colorado, comprised of a small group of experienced entrepreneurs who are dedicated to bringing radically simpler and more convenient trash and recycling solutions to market.

Our consumer research has highlighted several major opportunities in the trash and recycling category. Consumers are concerned about the durability and “floppiness” of trash bags, as well as the inconvenience and appearance of trash bins. Recycling is seen as desirable by almost all consumers, but convenience issues often get in the way of doing what they know is “right”. These concerns are heightened in the context of parties and other events, where trash and recycling needs are generated away from their everyday trash and recycling receptacles.

Our mission is to help make the whole process simpler, cleaner and more fun. In other words, to “make clean-up and recycling a snap.” We will do that via a series of creative, proprietary innovations. Flings is also dedicated to leading the way in materials and manufacturing processes that minimize the carbon footprint of our products. Watch for both new products and new materials coming from Flings!

We hope that you will try our new Flings Party and Recycling Containers as they become available near you. Or try purchasing them online in the meantime. We think you will love them, and we look forward to your feedback!

To Contact by Email
Customer Service: service@flingsbins.com

Meet the Management Team behind TrashCo & Flings…

Our Physical Address:
1860 W Evans Ave.
Englewood, CO 80110


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