Feb 21 2016
Parking Lot to Avoid in Old Pasadena @oldpasadena #parkingfail @LAZParking

Parking in Old Pasadena can be challenging, but when the privately run lots like the One Colorado parking lot at Union and Fair Oaks and Exchange Alley resort to deceptive tactics, you know it is bad. Reading the numerous reviews on Yelp which include mention of the parking rates at the One Colorado lot is enough to confirm our experience this morning with this lot.

This morning we decided to go with some friends to Russell’s for breakfast. We arrived around 9am, put or name in and walked over to the Sunday Farmer’s Market for 15-20 minutes and then our table was ready.

We had a wonderful breakfast as usual, the problem started when we returned to the car to exit.

There was a person at the exit having issues, for at least 10 minutes, which held us up from getting out, the it was our turn to exit.  The security guard took our ticket inserted into the machine, and then asked us to pay $8!  Yep, we had a 90 minute validation and barely went over the 90 minutes, and the security guard asked us to pay the full rate, because as she stated on weekends it is a flat rate, doesn’t matter if you have validation.

Jon Hamblen is the relatively new director of parking for the City of Pasadena. jhamblen@cityofpasadena.net
He has expressed the desire to hear from people with complaints. I doubt he can help with
the private lots, but city lots are in his purview. 

The parking company operating this lot appears to be LAZ Parking.

Parking Inquiries: Los Angeles Region (except Orange County)
10635 Santa Monica Boulevard
Suite 145
Los Angeles,  CA    90025
Phone: 860-522-7641 x7609
Contact Name: Rio Lupisan

What kind of con game are these people running, so we asked for the manager, someone who claimed to be the manager came over, and basically said, that is the way it is, we are on private property, and that we have to pay.  So our friends got really upset. Basically refusing to pay, but that didn’t help. We asked for their names and cards, and got that info. and will be taking it up with them, and this posting will be updated.

You can clearly see that the posted Parking Rates on the Exchange Alley entrance. Each 30 minutes $2, Daily Maximum $8.  Validated Parking 90 minutes.




The fact that they attempt to charge different rates from what is posted is deceptive and illegal and they should be sued for these tactics.

They person in charge us rude and the “security” people are even less helpful.

Stay away from the One Colorado Parking Lot.   Your best bet is to park at the City of Pasadena owned lots, with rates of 90 minutes free, no validation needed, and $2 per hour after, up to $6 max.

Best options for Parking in Old Pasadena:

Park & Walk Garages FIRST 90 MINUTES FREE

Hours of Operation:
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Parking Rates:
Daily 5:00am to 10:00pm
First 90 minutes free; $2 thereafter; $6 daily maximum
Nightly 10:00pm to 5:00am – $5 flat rate

  • De Lacey Parking Facility
    45 S. De Lacey Avenue (1/2 block south of Colorado and De Lacey)
  • Marriott Parking Facility
    171 N. Raymond Avenue (between Holly and Walnut)
  • Schoolhouse Parking Facility
    33 E. Green Street (corner of Green and Raymond)

This is the sign posted on the entrance to the lot for One Colorado Parking where we entered.

The sign does not correspond with what is posted on the Old Pasadena website. Parking Map

One Colorado Parking Structure
30 East Union Street.
(626) 796-1471
Available Spaces: 800.
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 6:00AM-1:30AM
Friday-Saturday 6:00AM-2:30AM
Sunday 8:00AM-1:30AM
Rates: Monday-Friday before 5:00 pm $1.00 every 30 minutes up to 5:00pm,$6.00 maximum. Monday-Friday after 5:00pm $6.00 Flat Rate. Weekends $6.00 Flat Rate.

Update 2/23/16: Message from LAZ Parking on facebook:

Hi Victor- we appreciate you reaching out. We have looked into this issue with the manager of the location and have identified the issue. It has since been corrected as the validator was actually replaced by our vendor yesterday.

It sounds like the security guard believing the flat rate was in effect is a result of the rate structure changing this month 2/1. Whereas previously the weekends and evenings had a $6 flat rate, now the charge of $2 every 30 Minutes to a max of $8 is in effect at all times. The $8 charge the machine was asking for was a result of the Russell’s validator not registering and the machine believing you had been in the lot for 1 hour and a half plus. The signage is correct. Does this make sense?

Given that this was a result of our equipment malfunctioning we would like to refund the amount paid with our sincere apologies.

If you could please send me your contact information- email address & phone number- we will have a Manager reach out to you directly and make sure you are fully refunding.

Thank you!

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