Jun 2 2010
Paramore photo leak is spreading in the intenet!
Topless images of the Paramore lead singer leaked onto the Internet.Paramore singer Hayley Williams had a topless photo leaked onto Twitter, but claims her account was hacked. Interesting??? Read further…¬†Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, is in hot water tonight! This is not about Photo Contest or Another Photos Game, but this is about Hayley Williams photo is floating around the internet!!!!
Its a buzz on the internet today as Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams supposedly had her Twitter account hacked and her topless photos has been published on the internet. The Paramore Photo Leak continues to leak as the search for the culprit is on as well, We have heard over her statement that Hayley Williams twitpic has been published. This week Paramore frontwoman had a bit of explaining to do, after a toplessphoto was leaked onto her twitter page for the world to see!

Some other images are here, we caution the nature of these photos:

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