Oct 31 2011
OrderWithMe – American buyers in China

OrderWithMe – American buyers in China

How It Works:

1) Log on to www.orderwithme.com
2) Create an account using your email address & password
3) Browse through our product deals that we feature each week.
4) Find a product you need, enter the amount you need, wait for other small business to join in the order, and wait for the deal to close!

OrderWithMe was founded by an American Entrepreneur who has always had small business’s on his mind. He grew up in a family of entrepreneurs allowing him to really learn the needs of a small business; low cost on inventory, allowing more opportunity to make money in the end. The Founder & CEO, Jonathan Jenkins teamed up and Co-Founded OrderWithMe with his long time friend Gao Yang, who is from Fujian Province in the Peoples Republic of China. OrderWithMe was born in July 2011!

The OrderWithMe Team is made of up Americans & Chinese who understand the needs of the small business boutiques. We have American buyers who pick out the products that we know will appeal to the American Market. We sift through the manufacturers finding the best factories, with the best quality, with no humanitarian issues, such as Child Labor.

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