Apr 14 2010
Numi Organic teas supports Earth Day with a 20% discount on all products

Tea drinking is a practice that goes back thousands of years; it is most popular in Asian countries as a way to warmly invite guests into your home. There are hundreds of different varieties of tea leaf, green tea, Jasmine, chrysanthemum, poppy tea, the list goes on. In China and India drinking certain types of teas is known to alleviate symptoms of certain illnesses and in some cases cure you of your sickness. Green tea for example is a strong antioxidant that can lower your cholesterol and keep your health strong well into your old age years. Jasmine tea has similar properties and is used by young women in China to cleanse their system of toxins and keep their skin looking youthful and radiant.

Earth Day Promotion – 20% off all products – Just enter this promotional code : EDay40

 Numi organic teas produces a wide range of rich aromatic tea blends that come from dozens of exotic countries from China, south America, India, Japan and many others.  Their products are made from only the most healthy and mature tea plants, you can choose from either a straight original flavor or one that is infused with spices or hints of fruit. All of the products are fair trade and are bought directly from the farmers at an honest price; organic natural fertilizers and growing materials are used in the making of Numi organic teas to ensure the best quality and taste for customers.

To show their support for ‘Earth Day’ Numi organic teas are offering a 20% discount of all products, all you need to do is visit their online store and enter this promotion code:  Eday40

**This promotion can only be used on April 22, 2010 so keep it in mind and enjoy the great taste of Numi organic teas.


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