Apr 14 2010
Numi organic tea offers fresh new deal on Jasmine green tea – Monkey king tea

Tea drinking ceremonies are special occasions in many Asian countries, such as Japan, China and Korea. They are used as a sign to show respect to a visiting guest, marry a man and woman, show your love for your partner or simply as a social ice breaker.

There are so many different varieties of tea from all over the world, each with their own special flavor, aroma and healing properties. Jasmine tea is light smooth and can cleanse your body of toxins; black tea is rich, pungent and can be used to keep you awake and focused. Green tea is one of the most popular forms of tea in Asia, as it is known for a wide range of beneficial properties; a cup of green tea a day can keep your system cleansed of toxins, maintain good digestion, strengthen your immune system and recently medical researchers have found that this form of tea can actually extend a persons life span.

Get a 20% discount on ‘Jasmine Green Tea – Monkey King tea’ today at Numi organic teas

Numi organic teas have some of the most exotic varieties of teas around; if you’re an enthusiast then you will be spoiled for choice. They have loose leaf varieties, refreshing bottled ready mix blends, tea bag dips, as well as many other excellent products to keep you satisfied. You can choose from either original organic flavors or a range of infused varieties including, Chocolate Puerh black tea, Matte Lemon green tea, decaf black vanilla and Jasmine green tea.

Check out Numi organic tea flavors or get the 20% discount offer on the fresh system clensing ‘Jasmine Green Tea’

Numi organic teas now have a special 20% discount on the ‘ Jasmine Green Tea – Monkey King Tea ‘ Which is a light fragrant tea with sweet hints of jasmine flowers, a great daily tea that will keep you in good health and cleanse your system of any unwanted toxins. All of Numis teas are organic and don’t contain any chemical additives, even the growing process of the tea plants follow a totally organic process. If you’re interested in learning more about the range of teas they have on offer heck out their website t NUMI ORGANIC TEAS.


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