Apr 13 2013
Muir Ranch High School Pasadena Vote Good LA2050

Please vote for Muir Ranch!

As a CSA member I highly recommend. I don’t understand why memebers aren’t all asked to do this when we pick up our veggies every week. Is there time to remind people who pick up on Monay to vote?? Or was it in newsletter and I missed?

Muir Ranch garden is up for a large grant opportunity if they get votes on the site listed below. If you are interested, watch the video, and vote for them. RIPE member Jessica is in the sweet video!

And why not have you help us help you too?  Get the vote out for our LA2050 campaign. 


Our CSA funds us. And if we are to keep doing what we do we need to expand that work.   But we have to do something and I am asking for help. 

We’ve been hovering around 99 in the totals and I can’t believe there isn’t more love for us out there.  The link is simple. https://myla2050.maker.good.is/projects/MuirRanch   Facebook allows votes as does a @good account. The top 3 are eligible for consideration of a $100k grant. It’s important. 

 Questions? You know where I am. Watch the video too. It’s the story and one of our students shot, edited and directed it. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. 


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