Aug 10 2018
Metro Bike Share is being discontinued in Pasadena

Metro Bike Share is being discontinued in Pasadena

At the request of the City of Pasadena, Metro Bike Share is discontinuing service in the city and will begin to remove Metro Bike Share stations and bicycles there beginning on Thursday, August 16, 2018.

Metro Bike Share will continue to operate at all other existing locations within L.A. County, including Downtown Los Angeles, University Park, Expo Park, Venice, Santa Monica, and the Port of Los Angeles.

If you are a pass holder, you can elect to retain your pass for use at these other locations. If you will not use your pass at other locations, you can cancel by logging in to your Account.

Metro Bike Share has new, lower fares and is expanding in new L.A. County communities. Stay connected with us on email, social media or visit the Metro Bike Share website to learn more about these exciting developments.

We want to support your ride – contact us at any time!

Customer service (call or text): (844) 857-BIKE (844-857-2453)
Customer service email:


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