May 22 2009
Martifer Solar Open House – June 20th from 1 to 4pm
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Join us at 904 Tremaine Avenue on June 20th at 1:00pm to learn how you can:

  • save up to 50% on your residential solar system
  • lock in low electricity rates
  • achieve energy independence
  • reduce your carbon footprint


Our Martifer Solar Open House is about one thing – community. It only takes one person, one couple, to create a domino effect in a neighborhood. We think Jace Cook and Rachel O’Connor, proud owners of a solar system on their home, are an inspiration in their community.  Here’s the backstory on how Martifer turned their idea into reality:

“My wife and I had been thinking of adding solar power to our house for several years, but it seemed like a daunting process.  Finally thanks to a friend’s encouragement and recommendation, we called Martifer Solar and it didn’t take long to realize that obtaining solar power would not be so difficult.  Martifer took care of all the paperwork, including rebates that were factored into the price of the system.  Before we knew it, the system was being installed and the friendly crew did an excellent job.  The power was soon flowing and our meter was flying backwards, and the power we save covers the cost of the installation.  And savings aside, we really do feel great about doing something positive for the environment.  Our experience with Martifer leads us to believe that there is no reason why every home owner shouldn’t have solar power installed as an investment that produces immediate returns, and helps save the planet in the process.”

Martifer Solar has been creating these same results for homeowners throughout Southern California. On June 20th we’re excited to share Jace and Rachel’s story with you, in person. We’ll explain how the whole process works, from evaluation, installation and monitoring, we’ll show you how their meter runs backwards, and how a solar panel converts the sun’s rays into energy savings for you.

Solar is today. Join us.

Martifer Solar Open House from 1 to 4pm on Saturday June 20th, 2009.
904 Tremaine Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Please call 1-877-Solar-LA with any questions.

About Martifer Solar USA

Martifer Solar provides the whole spectrum of photovoltaic solutions adapted to each client’s individual needs, whether the client is a family, a business or an entire city. The company maintains offices in the US, Africa and throughout Europe, and has completed solar projects in 19 countries on 5 continents.

Martifer Solar USA began in Southern California in 2001 under the banner of  A & M Energy Solutions.  In March of 2008 the company joined Martifer Solar, a leading European solar solutions provider.  In combining our local Californian knowledge and with the Martifer Solar’s international resources, we’ve  quickly established ourselves as a premier player in the US Solar Industry.

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