Mar 31 2017
Make Music Pasadena Hiatus for 2017 @MMPasadena

News comes from the organizers of Make Music Pasadena. A fabulous free event that is attracts thousands of people to various parts of the city.

Make Music Pasadena is an all-day all-ages FREE annual music festival, organized by Old Pasadena Management District and Playhouse District Association.

There are other music festivals, but this is likely one of the largest free festivals around.
It is unfortunate that sponsors could not step and even organizers of the Arroyo Seco Weekend would not be willing to sponsor at least a stage or two of the festival to promote Arroyo Seco Weekend, $150,000 is a drop in the bucket for a multibillion dollar organization like AEG, which makes millions from Coachella and StageCoach in April.
With Arroyo Seco Weekend schedule for June 24 & 25 weekend, tickets are on sale, and there’s no indication how many tickets have been sold, but supposedly there is a cap, as the event is taking place on the Brookside Golf Course, not inside the Rose Bowl.

We hope that Make Music Pasadena returns in 2018.

Here’s the posting on the Official Make Music Pasadena website this morning:
After nine years of bringing free music to the streets of our city with Make Music Pasadena, Old Pasadena Management District and the Playhouse District Association, co-producers of the festival, have made the difficult decision to put the event on hiatus for 2017 and to evaluate its future viability.

Current funding sources are not sufficient to finance an event that is entirely free to the public. Due to exponentially rising costs in conjunction with a significant lack of funding from sponsorships and donations, Make Music Pasadena faced a $150,000 budget deficit, making it impossible to produce the festival for 2017. A proliferation of local and national music festivals has also made it a challenge to secure both talent and local media attention within a limited budget.

The producing organizations remain hopeful that sufficient sponsorship might be achieved for a 2018 event, and altruistically-inclined white knights are encouraged to contact either organization to discuss details. That’s not to say that Pasadena will be without live music this summer: We are delighted that the Arroyo Seco Weekend Festival will join in the tradition of bringing local, regional, and national acts to the people of Pasadena.

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