Jun 8 2010
Lyrica and Migraines

The entire World has been polluted. Thanks to the advent of many industries and usage of adult red fuels. Nowadays people get affected with lots of diseases. For some, we have the cure and for many we don’t. Neural disease is one such disease, for which there is no proper cure found yet. Scientists are still fighting hard to find a cure for these kinds of disease. There are lots of varieties of neural disease. The resultant of suffering from neural disease is Neuropathic pain. This is an intricate pain which results in tissue injury. Nerve fibres often get damaged because of Neuropathic pain. Many people are not aware of the fact that diabetes is also caused by the malfunction of neural system. Our body suffers a huge ripple effect due to the neural problems. Pregabalin is the drug that is often used to treat disease of the mentioned kind. Lyrica is the brand name that is given to the drug. In other words Pregabalin is called in the market as Lyrica.

About Lyrica

Lyrica is a kind of oral medication that should be given only on doctors’ advice. As mentioned earlier this is the main drug that is taken for neuropathic pain and diabetes. Lyrica can be used either with food or even without food. It is up to the doctor to decide the kind of medication in accordance to the patient’s body condition. This is often taken three times a day. The dose ranges from fifty mg to hundred mg. Lyrica is usually stored at room temperature.

Lyrica and Migraines

Migraines are the headaches that are caused by malformed bodily perceptions. It is said that women often suffers from Migraines than men. In most cases migraines affect one half of the head leaving the other half normal. This will result in heavy and intolerable pain in our head. This can create nausea problems too.

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