Jun 16 2011
@lot18 Wine Specials, Exclusive Deals Save Big with Invite

Lot18 will make your 4th of July very special to add to the palatable delight with the delicious taste of backyard barbecues along with keeping the celebrations of freedom alive. Today as Lot18 is pepping enthusiasts with their gorgeous seafood platter, they have brought for you the wine to remember and honor Michael McClean, one of the most electrifying war heroes. The wine is “Clean Vineyards Estate Private Reserve Paso Robles Syrah Rose 2005”.

Its exuberant ruby red color with the chilling aromatic essence of raspberry and citrus entices all enthusiasts. It is light and dry yet refreshing and gives a feeling of softness. This wine adds to your fun and also makes difference to the war veterans as the 10% of the wine sales go in for rehabilitating the war heroes. 2005 McClean Vineyards Syrah Private Reserve was adequately ripened at the winery at the time of bottling and is giving its drinkers an exciting time. The pinch of yellow roses adds to its freshness while a bit of mineral component makes you feel rejuvenated. What is a better way than to celebrate 4th July with your family and friends and of course with this wine too?

Do not delay! Visit Lot18 to know more about the story of Michael and exotic traits of wine as this site makes us feel its presence and the presence of its creator. Lot18 is a visage of wines to enjoy their taste and that too at the discounted rates. You can become its member and enjoy their exclusive everyday deals of wines.

Tip: Just recently it appears that if you place items in your cart and then close the window without ordering will prompt Lot18 to send you a $10 credit to your account to incentivize your purchase. $10 is a good credit, so if you want to try the technique. It could save you $10! Also watch for daily timed deals, i.e. free shipping, or other savings on purchases.

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