Jun 27 2011
Lot18 Gourmet Launches Today – Great Deals on Gourmet Foods @lot18

Lot18 Gourmet Launches Today – Great Deals on Gourmet Foods
It had been in the works for many months and now Lot18 has gone a step above in the wine world with complementing products for wine lovers. You can know order gourmet food products.

What better food products to go with that Summer concert on the lawn of your favorite venue, park, gardens.

Here’s some of the items you can start with today:

Introducing Lot18 Gourmet | Today, we're excited to introduce you to hand-picked gourmet foods direct from artisan producers at unmatched prices.
Kuma Coffee Guatemala & Papua New Guinea Duo | Family-run Kuma Coffee is taking the world by storm. Taste Kuma's two best coffees from Guatemala and Papua New Guinea - founder Mark Barany will be custom roasting them when you place your order! | View this offer | Shipping Included!

Tasting Set: Best of French Cheeses | Curated for the cheese enthusiast and connoisseur in mind, this tasting set showcases la crème de la crème of French cheeses. | View this offer

Creminelli Salami Grand Tasting Collection | Mmm...Truffles. Barolo. Porcini. Taste salami like you never have before from this tasting set from Italian salami master Cristiano Creminelli. Contains Tartufo, Wild Boar, Casalingo, Piccante, & Sopressata. | View this offer

Creminelli Fine Meats Trio | New to cured meats? Start here. One bite of this award-winning Italian salami will have you hooked. This set of universal palate-pleasers contains Sopressata, Piccante, Casalingo. | View this offer

Creminelli Fine Meats Duo with Hardwood Box | Know a salami fan? Gift them with the best salami they will ever have in a beautiful hardwood box. Contains Tartufo and Sopressata. | View this offer

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