Mar 29 2009
Laser Pet Toy for at 99 cents

Picked up a laser light at 99 cent store today. I was wandering around the store and stumbled on the small package titled LASER PET TOY.

Exceeds FDA standards.
The World’s most Powerful Handheld Laser Toy

Drives Cats Wild
Dogs Love it
Birds chase it
Fish are attracted to it
America’s #1 Laser Pet Toy

Entertain your pet for hours!
Makes a great gift!
batteries included
Wavelength 645 nm
Diode Laser
Maximum power <5mW Class IIIA Laser Product Operative voltage 4.5V Laser pointers can be harmful if used improperly Do not aim into eyes Do not look into aperture while laser pointer is on see warning label on laser barrel microbeam p.o. box 2513 Chatsworth, CA 91313-2513

A proud USA company
item 2051
Made in China


Entertain your pets for hours

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