Nov 26 2021
LA Auto Show 2021 EV Electric Vehicles

The LA Auto Show taking place from November 22 to December 1 2021 is a good place to see the latest auto announcements.
This year we see numerous EV electric announcements.

Here’s just a few:

1. Tesla – while Tesla did not have an official booth, on the floor in the EV space for awards, included a Model 3, S Y, one can only assume that Tesla is preparing for the tooling of the Cybertruck followed shortly thereafter by the sub $30k EV. A cross between the 3 and Y. There have been rendering of what it may look like. Tesla is way ahead with their battery development and manufacturing. Other EVs have to rely on others for battery components.

2. Imperium EV – this company with a location in Fairfield CA, has a slew of EV vehicles. Expect Imperium to have vehicles available in the first quarter of 2022. Impressive design. The ETS SUC and Terra-E(pickup truck). You can reserve yours today with a $100 deposit. Sandy Monroe is

3. canoo
19951 Mariner Ave
Torrance, CA 90503-1672
With manufacturing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, makes another entry for a US auto maker.

4. KIA – 2022 EV6 – impressive up to 300 mile range on the RWD, coming 1st quarter of 2022. GT – Line
2022 Niron EV, starting at $39.990.

5. Hyundai – IONIC 5 – Impressive with a couple of all electric models keeping Hyundai one of the players in the EV space.

6. Subaru – A full EV is slated for release June 2022. A few pre-production models at the show, impressive, range appears on the lower end, but a good entry.

7. INDI EV – based in Vernon, California, about 100 employees. Showroom/offices in Beverly Hills.

8. MULLEN – from La Brea , Orange County, full EV vehicles. Impressive.
Mullen Automotive, 1405 Pioneer St., Brea, CA 92821, United States, +1 714-613-1900
Southern California based company, working to create sustainable & scalable energy solutions. Coming Soon: the revolutionary Mullen FIVE, electric-SUV crossover

9. Fisker – Debut of the Ocean. Southern California Fasker makes a splash at the LA Auto Show. A lot of buzz.

10. VinFast – car company from Vietnam – at the show offering coffee, but they had run out on Friday afternoon. They had two models on display. VF e35 and VF e36

10. Ford Electric Pickup truck, retro F100, looks great. Ford Mustang Mach E. Keeps Ford in the running.

11. GM- Chevy – Bolt not present, an embarrassment to those would would have loved to see GM – Chevy come out with something new and revolutionary.

12. VW- The ID 4, a strong contender, with sales appearing to be strong. The Electrify America charging network which came about after the dieselgate debacle. Leaving VW group with billions in debt.

13. Audi – With the e-Tron it will be interesting to see what Audi backed by the VW Group does next.

14. Nissan – Ariya – which is technically not a replacement for the LEAF, at least that is what Nissan says. Up to 300 mile range. It will have the CCS charging adapter, and supposedly the LEAF will receive some sort of adapter or conversion for Chademo to CCS, it wasn’t clear as the reps for Nissan had two stories. As a initial Nissan LEAF owner and the frustrations in dealing with Nissan and their poor battery design, I would be very leary of a Nissan product, and in particular a Nissan EV product.

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