Jun 1 2012
Jungian Analysis – Let Your Psyche Surprise You!

Life has a habit of throwing us curve balls and we aren’t always able to field them on our own. We can choose to ignore our problems and muddle through as best we can, we can look to our friends and our family for a little emotional support and a familiar shoulder to cry on, or we can take a deep breath and seek professional help. Jungian Therapists are professionals uniquely skilled in the art of connecting with the psyche. This approach can offer a much deeper level of psychotherapy by connecting with the ‘inner you’ and offer healing solutions that come from within instead of from external sources.

Through the use of Jungian Analysis, Jungian Therapists seek to provide healing solutions by putting us in touch with our often ignored inner conscience. By educating the individual and allowing them to really ‘listen’, Jungian Therapists make us far more receptive to what we already know deep down, but rarely stop long enough to appreciate.

A lot of the work involved with Jungian Analysis revolves around the analysis and assessment of our dreams, which through expert analysis can point to the root of our problems. Problems which might otherwise not have been conciously recognised can be understood, appraised and acted upon. Dream analysis isn’t however essential and the reflection on daily events and problems can yield the same end results and ultimately offer the same healing solutions.

Based in Manhattan – New York, Douglas Tompkins is a fully trained and licensed Jungian Psychoanalyst and offers solutions to life’s problems by tackling them with a different approach to traditional therapy and medical practices.















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