Jan 8 2013
Is Verizon Wireless Better Than AT&T Wireless?

After 2 months of being on Verizon Wireless and based on my usage and coverage area. I can say that Verizon is slightly better than AT&T, but Verizon service drops calls and has areas of no service.

In addition with Verizon service there are many instances where.

Shane is the rep I was speaking with.

Mike Cer is a manager, supervisor in Tech Center Columbia, SC.

(843) 566-8580

Ticket #NRB000005843030.

Two sites are impacted in the area.

It appears, that there is a problem with

Mike said he would follow-up,

(803) 231-1717 – Tech Supervisor

Ticket #NRB000005898588 ticket created.



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