Aug 23 2015
Is Pasadena a perfect city for Vertical Gardening? #food #veritcalgarden @aerofarms

Is Pasadena a perfect city for Vertical Gardening? has a story about the possibility of making the newly renovated AT&T building a site with vertical gardens.
With Fleming’s Steakhouse announcing their opening a location at the AT&T building and new tenants moving in, does a vertical garden here make sense?
While there are vertical gardens in many locations, and there are personal variations of vertical gardens, one on the mass scale to feed dozens if not hundreds of people are not yet proven.
Headlines like these will help to stimulate the discussion further, much like solar, and other new technologies.
Singapore Grows the World’s Largest Vertical Garden

But are micro farms the real answer? We are facing some real challenges when it comes to our food sourcing, production, packaging and transportation, the offset of commercial large scale farming operations make it difficult for small scale farmers to compete. It comes down to cost and values to consumers as to what consumers will pay for products.

If like solar and EV the government provided incentives then perhaps large scan vertical farming would take off even faster. Otherwise if left to capitalism the cost will have to be reduced to compete with traditional methods and that would is less likely.

There are some large scale vertical farming operations making headway, but what they grow is limited.
AeroFarms in New Jersey for example has one of the largest commercial farming operations.

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