Apr 21 2010
Iphone 4G leak a great find or a complete hoax?

Apple still has yet to publically announce a date for the release of its new iphone, but the internet has been buzzing over the discovery of a new 4G iphone prototype, which was apparently accidentally found in a bar somewhere in California. The hype that it is creating is unreal, forums are packed with endless messages debating whether this is actually Apples new product or just a hoax. One theory is that the company purposely planted the phone or started the rumors themselves in a cleverly constructed marketing move.

The device looks very similar to the original 3G version, except for the addition of a flash on its camera, a larger lens, 2 volume buttons, a mini SIM card slot, a front focusing video, a noise cancelling microphone and several other small appearance changes. The blog poster promises that it is not a fake and that Apple has actually made an official report of a missing Iphone prototype, though we’ll never really know until it I finally released, so why not wait till then.


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