Jun 11 2010
Internet – a boon to everyone

Internet has made people dependent on it with its ability to reduce the stress and tension of doing work without it. These days internet is accessible in a mobile phone, ipod and other devices that have become more handy and portable than a desktop and a laptop. Internet has been used for developments that are very useful. An example would be GSM/GPRS which has made easy for people to access information when they need it, be it any place as well. Internet is used almost in every gadget, example would be the play stations that enable its players to play with players around the world. The latest 3G fiasco also is a positive sign to show that the life of internet is like an exponential curve that goes till infinity.

Most of us have used internet possibly for sending/receiving an e-mail at the least. But there are multiple uses apart from that like; making long distance calls cheaper, virtual classes possible, virtual organizations that are running successfully, selecting a life partner has also been possible through Internet. Thus, internet has been a part of life for most of us in this century. But days ahead look like life will be a part of INTERNET. Internet plays a major part in many MNCs for their operation purpose. The evolution of internet is evolution of communication. It has made things easy and comfortable. Thus, people are making it easy and comfortable for INTERNET to grow.

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