Jun 11 2010
Future of Internet

People’s addiction towards the use machines has increased since the use of a Pulley. The pulley was then used in different forms and places to reduce the physical pain and stress of doing the work. Exploited usage of the calculating device ( computer) made scientists and technocrats to define a space in the computer to be called as memory space, the advancement in storing data is INTERNET.

The entire human fraternity is completely dependent on these so called computers, which were just a device for computing at a point of time but now becoming the new face of communication. These devices have made the world shrink by almost “N” folds with an information cloud called INTERNET. Internet is a mass collection of raw information referred to as DATA and PROTOCALS. The usage of internet is possible through a lot of devices these days, which yet again is advancement in technology. The future of internet is like an exponential curve that never knows where it would end.

Internet has nothing called as a future as it has enough information about everybody’s future in its present. Thus, it has made the masses completely dependent on it. Be it even the smallest idea of how to boil water in your house or a complex idea to prove Einstein’s Mass Energy relation, it is possible to find the different ways to do it and the pros and cons of doing so. It is a mass storage of information and is easily accessible to people who are interested to learn things using Internet.

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