Jun 18 2011
Hugh Hefner’s and Crystal Harris’s wedding called off

It’s hot news for many as Hugh Hefner and his twenty-five years fiancée Crystal Harris have called off their wedding. This news came as a startling revelation immediately after the music release of “Club Queen” and after the Hefner’s sex life and also the bad condition of the Playboy Mansion emerged. In fact Crystal Harris has been upset with Hefner’s womanizing habits and according to Contactmusic, she had called off her wedding because Hefner’s view on monogamy bothered her.

As there is news all over about Crystal Harris’s and Hugh Hefner’s wedding, they have become the center of attraction and discussion everywhere. Many says she has a boy friend and wants to go with him while others say she is having second thoughts how well their relationship goes. But whatever may be the reason their hearts are broken, especially of Hugh who is full of remorse because of this break up and tried to vent out his sadness at Twitter. 84 years old Hugh proposed to Harris on Christmas but when they entered into the heated argument Harris immediately moved her belongings out of Hugh’s famous house at Los Angeles.

Hefner’s representative however as yet to give his comment on their breakup. But he has lot of support from Kendra, Holly and Crystal. All over the net, people are giving moral and emotional support to Hugh and why not he is the most famous singer and a heartthrob of many. Among this supporters Bridget was the first one. So now let’s wait and watch what Hefner intends to do next!

The wedding was reported to have potentially cost up to $250,000.

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