Jul 2 2010
How about gifting a star to your beloved?

What could be a better gift for your loved one than to present a sparkling star from the cosmos? I was overwhelmed with happiness when my only love gifted me a star on my name etched on a certificate that hangs on my living room’s wall and holds with itself unbounded and limitless love for me. True, love knows no limits. This star naming service is sure to bring hearts closer and is such an intimate way to convey your best wishes to your loved ones.

The star kit gifted to me was from Online Star Registry. The gift pack contains certificate with an embossed golden star on it conveying all the love and wishes from the universe. The cosmological location of my star on the certificate is really impressive. Astronomy has always fascinated me. And just as I wanted to study deeper about the star named after me, I found The Book of Stars as a part of the Star Kit. It contains fascinating images of the constellations and galaxies. With the Star map that contained some co-ordinates and locations, it was wonderful to locate the star named after me in the sky…a celestial ecstasy!!

I was curious to know about this interesting way of presenting and naming a star for your beloved and visited the website Online Star Registry. The website takes orders for Star gifts for a range of occasions like birthday, wedding day, valentine’s day, Mother’s day, or as a graduation gift. All you need to do is name a star for the receiver and order your Star Kit online! I am sure the recipient will love the star kit and cherish it forever just like me 🙂

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