Mar 31 2020
Hand Sanitizers and Hand Washes #covid19 @skin_peel

As the COVID19 pandemic progresses, people are learning what needs to be done to slow the spread.

The folks at Skin Peel Natural Skin Shop have been busy to deliver products to help.

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Skin Peel has been working around the clock to meet the needs and demands of our customers and wanted to let you know that they are now selling and taking orders for Hand Sanitizers and Hand Soap/Wash. Here is a link to the page where these items are available, we may be adding more selections soon so keep this hand.

They do have limited quantities per household and want to make these available to as many homes and businesses as possible as it is an extremely high demand item. Started selling these as of this morning. They plan on having these products/offers available until the end of April.

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