Jun 26 2011
Habit Burger, Burbank Experience

I’m posting this here on my blog as I don’t know for certain that Habit Burger will receive the comment I posted on their website. It doesn’t really have a good way for customers to submit feedback about their experience with their restaurant/dining experience.

I was at your Burbank, CA location last Wednesday. and was disappointed in the quality of the service and food.I went with a friend who raves about Habit, and even he was diappointed. 1. The bread/bun was hard, how did that happen?2. The burger was sloppy, not well put together.3. The fries, dried out and overcooked. While I understand the place was jammed, the quality as you always claim is supposed to be #1 along with service.What was the topped was that there was a homeless man, in front of the establishment and a manager or employee was trying to deal with it, making everyone in the patio area VERY uncomfortable. Why the police was not called is beyond me as it seemed the situation was escalating and the individual was pointing at customers. All in all this visit was very uneasy, and the main reason I bring it up is so that you know and take some type of corrective action here.  So that someone doesn’t say.. wow we didn’t know it was getting bad.If you need further details please feel free to email me.



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