Jun 26 2011
Fresh Almonds Organic Yemetz Family

Fresh Almonds Organic Yemetz Family

Today I visited the Atwater Village Farmer’s Market, one of the better small markets in the Los Angeles area.  It has a variety of vendors and food products as well as a good assortment of farmers and produce.

One of the newest additions to the Atwater Market is Almonds from Yemetz Family Orchards north of Fresno.

These almonds are very good.  Direct from the grower to you. Freshness is Assured!

They will not be there next week, but the following.

You can call them at (818) 823-7833, the husband and wife team live in Burbank and go to the orchard on a regular basis to harvest. The next harvest is in September 2011.

Yemetz is a local family farm, and they grow truly raw organic almonds that are naturally high in enzymes and nutrients. Because they are local, they taste fresher and have a richer almond flavor.



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